Wellesley College

Peace and Justice Studies

Degree  Bachelors, Major
Location  Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Contact  Lawrence Rosenwald | lrosenwa@wellesley.edu | (781) 283-2634


The Peace and Justice Studies Program is designed to help students understand both the sources of violence and injustice and the means of remedying them;  it focuses both on a rigorous analysis of conflict and on a practical account of strategies for promoting peace and justice. The range of topics is broad, and includes: international and domestic conflict and peacemaking; forms of conflict resolution; race, class and gender inequities; ethnic conflict; human rights; grassroots urban organizing; and environmental justice.  All majors take a set of five core courses;  all majors also devise a concentration in an area of special importance them;  and all majors are required to do some experiential education, and to devote a half-unit independent study to reflecting on that experience.  The Program’s advisory board includes faculty  in Anthropology,  Economics, English, History, Peace and Justice Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, and Women’s and Gender Studies.